Wisconsin Adventure Racing Society


Hi All !  It was great having all
of you at the 2023 SKMC.  A  great
happy and healthy group.   I will
try and get results up this Wednesday 
with plenty of pics, so come to the site
often in the next week or so.
Please email me if you see a 
correction that needs to be done
in either races results

Thanks so much for our sponsors,
LMNT for providing the racers with
their product.  If you can, please write
a review on either google or Amazon
and mention that you used the product
at a WI adventure race

I want to thank Doug Pastrich who 
came out to compete in the 4 hour
race and he did pretty good.  Doug and
his company 1st Basis has generously 
donated a lot of money towards the WI
series.  Thanks Doug !!!!

Well this year was all about the 
navigation.  We challenged the teams
with it all.  We had a Line O, Memory O
maps without trails on them and even
an Aerial map.   We hope we challenged
all of you .

  A BIG congrats to  the  overall 9 
hour winners Rib Mountain Racing,
Tim, Anna and Eric.   They were crazy
fast out there and cleared the course.
They are an amazing group and seem
to work so well together and really
form the meaning of the word, TEAM.
1st in the mens solo went to a young
man whos making a name for himself,
team Band of the Red Hand, Kent.
He also cleared the course. The mens open
was a tough field and a lot of teams were
close however team Adventure Beast,
both Anatoli and Nikolajs ended
up with the 1st by just missing 1 control.
However there were a lot of tough hombres
hot on their tails

In the 4.5 hour race, a big congrats to
team Muddy Buddys, Grace and Eli !
1st in the womans solo was Team Turp,
Sally.   1st in Womans open was team
2 Girls and 10 Beers Laurel and Trisha.
The mens solo went to Silver Ferns Adventures
Phillip.  He lost one point for missing a check in
on the TA but had enough points to win the divison
 The mens open was a tight race
between numerous teams but team
Cavan in the Woods, Aaron and Cavan
took the 1st

I saw a lot of tough individuals out there, In 
both races, the co ed team Vyster, being a 
older group really had a great race.   We
probably need a Master division 
I saw a lot of racers giving it all they had 
with what ever shape they were in. 

The 4 hour race was actually some 
pretty tough navigation.  A shout out to team
Slug retreat who signed up for the 9 hour
for their first race and actually did pretty good'
team Pokemom and Hubbie showed a lot of
guts also.

Congradulations to all of you who raced!  
This is not an easy sport.  I know you give
it all you have and few people will know what
it  is like to bushwack the woods for a few controls,
but you do :)

PS  If you could, would you guys go to the 
LMNT electrolyte website on either Google
or Amazon and write a review , stating that
you are an adventure racer and you enjoyed
their product?  That will help us get more product
for you guys next year.   That would help 
us out a lot !    Thanks

PSS  If your team would like even more instruction
with navigation, 
More than the clinic the night before,
I  host a bigger  clinic, normally in
February, so that we can see the terrain better. Its
a 4 hour clinic in Dousman WI .  2 hours of inside
instruction and 2 hours of outside instruction.
This is for both beginners and intermediate 
navigation instruction.  50$ per person.  Contact me
at my email  andygmac61@gmail.com if interested.

These are unofficial results until the weekend.
If you feel that we missed something or a
result needs to be modified , please email
Andy at  andygmac61@gmail.com .  After this
weekend , results will become official.   Thank
You all for coming out and we will have more
Pics to come!