Wisconsin Adventure Racing Society
2017 Race Results
Thank you all for racing with us, results are now posted!
Well it was fun to watch this event take shape. Everyone started  off on a short run to split everyone up and return to us a little easter magic.   Elkbones Anthony and Mike were on a mission and were first in with the rest following .    While some of you took on Map 1 first, I think some thought it was taking them too long.   However when these same people got to Map 2, they were happy because they seemed to knock out Map 2 fairly quickly.    The other half started with Map 2 feeling good but then realized that Map 1 was going to be a long challenge.     I was happy to see that there were a few teams that were able to do all 3 maps cleanly or close to clean and still get the job done just under 8 hours.   These teams traveled close to 20 to 21 miles, pretty impressive.  But if you want inspiration, how about Sylvan Addink ? !  75 years young and still kicking it with us youngsters :)    It was also fun to see such a close finish between Elkbones and Mother ,Jugs and Speed for 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall.  What a finish ! It was impressive to watch all of you go out there and battle the bush to challenge yourselves,    In the end, Andrei  showed us how it is done.  Congrats Andrei for an impressive 1st overall.   Thank you all for coming .  Andy