Wisconsin Adventure Racing Society



What is Adventure racing?   Well  its a mix of running, road biking , mt biking, paddling, navigation and some races will also include some kind of Mystery event ( solving a puzzle,  team game, feats of strength, time trials ) .

The great part of Adventure racing is that each race can be different.   While the disciplines may be similar, the lengths of each  may be different in every race.  Also each race director will have a different twist on their own race.


How hard is an adventure race?  If you have some conditioning and can run 3-5 miles, bike 35 miles and paddle another 5 miles all at one time, you could probably survive a 10-12 hour adventure race as long as you knew a few things about navigation and can get out and practice Mt. biking.  However if you are looking to win an adventure race, you and your team will have to be in very good shape and one of you would have to be a talented navigator.


 As some may have guess, the navigation sections of the race may be confusing for the beginner .   It really just comes down to getting in some practice.   For the beginner, you can always go to Lapham Peak State Park in Delafield WI and  on the weekends the park office is open and you can ask for a navigation map of the park .   For a small cost you can practice on their permanent course .   Or type in  Badger Orienteering on your search engine . Badger group puts on some great events.   They are inexpensive and bring your compass and just walk the course until you feel like you are getting the hang of it



  For a fee, I also hold classes for the beginner .   You and or your group would have to email me on the contact link and schedule in a time that would work.     The classes are normally taught in the winter.